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Custom Orthotics

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Prescription foot orthotics are custom made insoles for your shoes designed to address improper foot mechanics that may lead to plantar fasciitis or even low back or knee pain.

The most common scenario of poor foot mechanics is over-pronation. Over-pronation is when the foot rolls inward toward the arch excessively which may lead to chronic foot pain.

Our truly custom orthotics are created using 3D digital image capturing down to the 0.1 millimetre of accuracy.

We use these precise digital images of your foot to create a solution that works.

We can use this same process for custom hockey skate insoles and snowboard boot insoles.


Turn around time is approximately 10 business days.

Orthotics are reviewed and hand crafted by a certified pedorthist.


Made in Canada.

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Say good-bye to foot pain.

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