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Brendan Dennis, CMAG, DC

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A passion for helping others without creating misconceptions or false claims led me down the path of creating an honest chiropractic career that allows me to provide patients with high quality care that they can trust. I provide an evidence-based, manual, hands-on approach to conservative care seeking to find comfortable and effective solutions for everyone.

I graduated from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto where expert knowledge in spinal and musculoskeletal health, diagnosis, patient-centred care and manual therapy skills were emphasized.

During my time at CMCC, I had the opportunity to serve and provide treatment to the needs of new immigrants and people who were homeless or under-housed in downtown Toronto at Sherbourne Health Centre during a 12-month internship.
To compliment my extensive Doctor of Chiropractic education, I have also completed training in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture with the McMaster University department of anesthesia which allows me to further utilize my knowledge to treat conditions that may not respond to traditional chiropractic care.

From a personal perspective, I can understand how confusing it may be having different types of treatments recommended for different types of conditions. I have provided a list of scientific studies that I encourage patients to at least glance at so they know the treatments I have chosen to provide are within their best interest and will legitimately improve their condition.




Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

Doctor of Chiropractic


Contemporary Medical Acupuncture

McMaster University


Kinesiology & Sport Science

University of Calgary



Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors


Canadian Chiropractic Association

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